Nebo's Network Acceptable Use Policy

Authorized students, staff and guests are expected to act in a professional, responsible, ethical and legal manner when utilizing the Nebo School District Network, both wired & wireless. Authorized students, staff and guests must agree to the Nebo School District Policy Computer, Email, and Internet Use Policy.

Electronic Communications Devices and to the additional terms listed below:

  1. Nebo School District makes no warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, for the network or technology services provided. The district is not responsible for any damages incurred including loss of data resulting from data delivery delays, missed deliveries, or financial obligations incurred through the use of Nebo's Network. Use of any information obtained through Nebo's Network is at the user’s risk. The district disclaims responsibility for the accuracy or quality of information obtained through the Internet or other forms of electronic communication.
  2. Use of the Nebo's Network must be specifically limited to School District related purpose and comply with all School District policies, procedures and rules, as well as, local, state and federal laws and may not be used to damage the School District’s IT systems.
  3. Nebo School District will not be liable for any physical damage, loss or theft of personal devices or for data loss.
  4. Nebo School District will not be responsible for providing power to or charging personal devices used on the Nebo Network. Authorized staff, students, and guests are advised to adequately charge devices prior to use on the Nebo Network.
  5. Nebo’s Guest Wireless Network will provide filtered Internet access only. No access to internal-only district printers, servers or services is provided.
  6. Nebo School District filters, logs and monitors access to the Internet. There is no expectation of privacy while using Nebo School District's wireless or wired connections. Users of the Nebo's Network acknowledge that no filtering or protection measure is 100% accurate or failsafe.
  7. The district reserves the right to log, monitor and review all activities on the Nebo's Network.
  8. Nebo School District reserves the right to inspect, at any time, any personally owned device while connected to the Nebo's Network.
  9. Nebo School District does not provide technical support for staff, student or guest personal devices on the Nebo Network. Nebo School District’s Network is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis.
  10. Nebo School District shall not be responsible for any financial obligations, charges, or fees that may result from using Nebo's Network.
  11. Illegal activities involving the use of Nebo's Network, intentional deletion or damage to files or data belonging to others, copyright violations or theft of services may be reported to the appropriate legal authorities for possible prosecution.
  12. Violation of any of the above terms or to the provisions in the Nebo School District Acceptable Use Policy of the Computers, Network, Internet, Electronic Communications, and Information Systems may result in the suspension or termination of a user’s privilege to use technology resources and/or a restriction of the user’s privileges to access the Nebo's Network. Staff and students should understand that if they commit any violation of the terms, their access privileges may be suspended or revoked, disciplinary action may be taken, and/or appropriate legal action may be instituted.